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Not only do you get exposure, connection and education, but by investing in the community you help us bring you more of the good stuff for years to come! Gary Chow is a plain English copywriter who helps businesses develop website content, marketing collateral and corporate publications.

He specialises in writing investment prospectuses for the financial services & superannuation industries.

She loves learning about other cultures, and enjoyed the dynamism she experienced in her recent stint in Asia.

In her efforts to embed herself in different environments, she’s learned to speak French and Italian well and a multitude of other languages poorly.

Your headline should also be targeted directly at your reader – the specific reader that you want to attract, whether that’s your dream date or your ideal client.

Be specific, be direct, and address the two main things that motivate people: the desire for gain and the desire to avoid pain.

Adopt the same style when writing a webpage or other marketing material. On a dating site, successful profiles usually have a strong call-to-action. For over a decade Flying Solo has provided stacks of free resources thanks to the support of our sponsors.You need to write a headline that shouts out, ‘Read me, I’m worth the time’.If your headline doesn’t capture attention, your body copy won’t be read.What you won't learn from my bio: I studied the Argentine tango, spent time in Buenos Aires perfecting it, and performed in a show.The remains of that passion are beautiful shoes that decorate my shelves.

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    The four questions retained, all of which required an agree or disagree response, were as follows: your partner has more control than you do in important decisions that affect your relationship; when you and your partner have an argument, your partner gets his way most of the time; your partner has more control than you do over whether or not you use condoms; your partner has more control than you do over whether you have sex or not.

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    Instead of numbers, list facts relevant to the to-be-weds inside each square.

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    Featuring footage taken from a police helicopter that gives a new meaning to the term 'fast food' - a man eating a pan of spaghetti while steering a 40-ton truck with his knees.