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Watts, 48, split from her long-term partner, Liev Schreiber late last year. Neeson, 64, was married to Natasha Richardson until her untimely, tragic death in 2009.Related: Are Amber Heard and Elon Musk a thing now?They added: "He was joking with the writer during an interview he was doing with the Irish Independent." The 63 year old recently discussed the loss of his wife who passed away in 2009 from a head injury she sustained while skiing.He said it was still a "touchy subject" adding: "Of course the grief is still there.He recently reprised his role in the Love Actually sequel, looking as if he'd barely aged a day.But Liam Neeson looks very different in his new role, as he stars in new movie The Silent Man.A source has already denied the romance to Gossip Cop, saying “There is no ‘dating’ relationship here,” but let’s not allow a simple denial from a "trusted source" to kill our dreams. He previously told reporters that he was dating again following on from the death of his wife Natasha but refused to name his "incredibly famous" new lady.

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Speaking to the magazine, Micheál revealed that after school he was "in New York, partying a lot, looking for self-gratification"."Of course, when it happened it was devastating", Micheál told the e magazine."But in my mind, subconsciously, I either pushed it out or stored it deep inside.The movie tells the story of the FBI agent - whose real name is Mark Felt - as he tips off journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein about the corruption within President Nixon's administration.The identity of Deep Throat had remained secret until 2005, when Felt revealed that he was indeed one of the sources that helped The Washington Post uncover the scandal.

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