Validating xml with dtd in java

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For example, is XML used simply as a data transport between the database and a (possibly non-XML) application?

Or is its use integral, as in the case of XHTML and Doc Book documents?

validating xml with dtd in java-89

Not only do you want to manage the site, you would like to provide a way for users to search its contents.The answer to this question is, "Sort of." On the plus side, XML provides many of the things found in databases: storage (XML documents), schemas (DTDs, XML Schemas, RELAX NG, and so on), query languages (XQuery, XPath, XQL, XML-QL, QUILT, etc.), programming interfaces (SAX, DOM, JDOM), and so on.On the minus side, it lacks many of the things found in real databases: efficient storage, indexes, security, transactions and data integrity, multi-user access, triggers, queries across multiple documents, and so on.For a more modern look at the difference between XML-enabled and native XML databases, see chapter 1 of XML for DB2 Information Integration.Before we start talking about XML and databases, we need to answer a question that occurs to many people: "Is XML a database?

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