Process of validating a questionnaire

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This back translation helps the Project Manager perform Translation Review to assess translation accuracy and to identify potential discrepancies in content value.

First, the questionnaire or measure undergoes a Translatability Review to discover and assess any potential concept or wording issues that may arise during translation and adaptation for target locales.

In order to be used as valid research instruments in international clinical trials, patient questionnaires must be culturally adapted and the translations need to be linguistically validated.

An instrument that did not undergo a linguistic validation process may threaten the validity of research data and the safe aggregation of global data sets.

Our clinical team includes specialists in numerous therapeutic fields including, but not limited to: Language Scientific’s Linguistic Validation services verify that translations of all items are interpreted in the same way across target populations and regions and have the same content validity.

You can be sure that measurement properties of the items will be the same across different language versions of the instrument, that data can be validly pooled across international sites and that the process will meet FDA and EMEA guidelines.

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