Limitations of radiometric dating wolfowitz dating

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Like later hominins, it has teeth with thick molar enamel, but, unlike humans, it has distinctively apelike canine and premolar teeth.

One paleontological study, published in 2015, revealed the presence of primitive tools in rocks near Lomekwi that dated back some 3.3 million years, raising the possibility that toolmaking originated with Laetoli, where specimens range from 3.8 to 3.5 mya and include footprints preserved in volcanic ash dating to 3.6–3.5 mya.

One of the many abuses of science is Christians trying to prove Scripture with science.

There are many well-meaning Christians who both use Scripture to validate their pet theory but also then try to use their pet theory to validate Scripture.

Like humans, they were teeth were small like those of humans, but their cheek teeth were large.

The genus name meaning “southern ape” refers to the first fossils found, which were discovered in South Africa.

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