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To me, it's a kind of stewardship not to waste such opportunities when they present themselves.

And, considering that, this project was a gift from heaven. I hit it off with ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton when I first met her, and I knew I'd have her support in this undertaking. I'm really thankful this has come together and pleased that virtually every public television station in the country will air our work several times. " when covering something as tumultuous as the Protestant Reformation and the horrific period of wars it ignited.

As much as giving their agendas a voice distorts the general secular view of our American Christian community, I hope this documentary helps balance that by illustrating — in a viewable and accessible way — the reasons why we as Lutherans are proud of our progressive Christian values and how they are rooted in our Reformation heritage.The more I think about these strands of progress, the more it's clear to me that they are interwoven.Is that a conclusion that seemed obvious to you immediately, or was it the kind of summation that only became evident to you as you really examined these events and places?Was there something particularly impactful for you that you learned or experienced while making it?The more I struggled with the script to sort out the world in which Luther lived and worked, the more respect I gained for him both as a struggling human being and as a courageous hero who understood change was both necessary and unpredictable.

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