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Last year, a similar survey found that Republicans of both genders were skeptical that sexism was a real issue.

But now a gender split is widening, and Republican women are starting to say things that indicate an acceptance that sexism is real, even as Republican men still resist the idea.

She noted that similar findings have cropped up in more than 200 focus groups Perry Undem has conducted in the past year.

Only Republican men dissented, with 58 percent believing it was balanced between the genders or that women had more power.

Fox News and other conservative media outlets have opportunistically made a huge fuss out of sexual harassment accusations against Democratic elected officials or celebrities associated with liberal causes (like Harvey Weinstein), while selectively ignoring similar accusations against conservatives.

Has this genuinely rattled ordinary people and their views on gender and power?

A new study out by the research firm Perry Undem provides a surprising and encouraging answer: Yes, the past year has seen something of a feminist awakening in the American public.

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