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We first looked at D2006 and that was a radical new world.

We bought D2010 a couple of years ago and not done much with it because there are so many parts to our applications.

I wrote an application and used cracked delphi 7, I sold it, after i bought delphi 7 and recompiled application, is now my application legal or? (In the project I am already using a custom manifest file for Vista/Win7 etc..You guys have any advice as to the effort and time it may possibly take.It is a large application, several hundred thousand lines. Delphi 7 to Delphi XEHave been using Delphi 7 for many moons ( have got later versions but never upgraded to ) My first problem is: Component Palette.Delphi 5 to Delphi XE4Thinking about making the conversion.Of course we have numerous components such as: Turbo Power Async Pro, Turbo Power Orpheus ICS2 Synactis All-In-The-Box.

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