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Here are a couple of almost diametrically opposed approaches that both lead to very impressive results.

Well known Salem, Oregon Illustrator Von Glitschka shared with us not only his beautiful, inspirational and technically pristine artwork, but also a lot of fantastic detail into the technique itself.

For me, I first select the artwork I want to modify, then click on the “Recolor Artwork” icon in the Control Panel. But in the meantime, you can explore this resource here.

Here’s Deke Mc Clelland with another take on Live Color, for CS4.

Von’s workflow in Illustrator is also very methodical – he “builds” all of the vector paths and carefully organizes the artwork on layers before starting any coloring.

Of course, since he’s working in vectors and he has organized everything so well, he can make small (or large) changes easily at any time.

You’ll spend 15 minutes in awe watching this video and seeing him jump between Illustrator and Photoshop as he draws a cartoon cowboy in a bar scene.

Contributed by Terry Hemphill, Illustrator Product Marketing Manager Live Color, first introduced in Illustrator CS3, is one of my favorite features, but it seems that almost no one knows it’s there or, if they do discover it, they can’t figure out how to use it.Jelle works very experimentally and is able to make decisions on color and composition throughout.He completes parts of the drawing before starting on fact, Adobe Kuler is based on a subset of the color tools available in Live Color. From Brenda Sutherland, a CS3 tutorial on Recolor Artwork Note, the CS3 Video Workshop, where the video above is found, has lots of great content for all the Creative Suite products, but it seems to have disappeared from But that’s just one small bit of Live Color’s real power. There are multiple ways to get there, as with almost any feature in Illustrator. Hopefully, the Adobe TV team is moving these videos over to a new home there.

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