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Some were taken from Army Web sites, others from an official Facebook page. Chandler have a blended family, with six children and 12 grandchildren between them. “I met him at the luggage carousel at the Shreveport airport,” Jeanne said. If you’re involved with online dating, remember: Be suspicious, be vigilant, be careful. One had Chandler’s head crudely Photoshopped on a different body.

Chandler said a woman in Poland went so far as to find the address of one of his adult sons and send an irate letter.

If a brokenhearted Polish woman could find his son, well, that was worrying.

Said Chandler’s wife, Jeanne: “We heard about one lady, the guy was impersonating Gen. She sold her house because she was going to go live in the general’s house and sent the scammer the money.” While her husband served as sergeant major of the Army, Jeanne became adept at finding fake accounts.

“They pop up in the 20s per day, usually with Facebook,” Master Sgt. Some victims have a tough time accepting that they’ve been scammed.

Said Grey: “It’s really sad, because once you tell them this person has no idea their picture’s been taken, they still want to talk to that person.

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